The Picnic Island Madivaru

A pearl in Rasdhoo Atoll ...

Madivaru is an uninhabited picnic island, located only 5 minutes away from Rasdhoo by boat. On the southeast side (upper picture) you can find the famous dive site "Madivaru Corner", where a drop-off is falling down to more than 300 feet water depth. The top reef is shallow and very nice for snorkeling. You can reach it from Madivaru even without boat. We are often spending our surface break on the island, while we serve you snacks and chilled drinks. Sometimes we are organising a barbecue there in the evening.

A huge shallow lagoon with an average water depth of only a few feet is spreading out from the western and northern side of the island. It means that you can go by foot (or by small boat) to the closeby sand bank (in the background of the second picture).

A little bit deeper, sheltered area is located to the northeast of the sand bank, which is suitable for the confined water training of the open water course as well as for the navigation dive of the advanced course.