Speedboat Transfer to the local island of Rasdhoo

Gulf Craft Touring

There are several speedboats going nearly every morning from Rasdhoo to Malé and in the afternoon back to Rasdhoo. A single trip takes normally about 80 minutes, but if the sea is rough it can take 2 hours or even more. If there is a storm coming up, the captain reserves the right to turn around and go back to his origin! Because of this fact, we recommend you, particularly in the rainy season, when the weather can change quickly, to plan your inward journey one day before your international flight, so you would not miss your international flight back home!

Nearly all speedboat operators choose the model "Gulf Craft Touring", because it seems to be very reliable and extremely robust. The boats are normally equipped with two outboard engines and can reach a maximum speed of about 33 knots, but only when the sea is calm!

Prices: ..... from 40.00 USD per person and trip

Please feel free to contact us, if you have any questions about the speedboat transfers!