Dive Sites in Rasdhoo Atoll

Dive Sites in Rasdhoo Atoll

Compared with other Maldivian Atolls, Rasdhoo Atoll is very small and the dive sites here can be devided into 3 categories::

- Spectacular Outer Reef Walls

- Channels with big pelagic fish

- Two ship wrecks and a single dive site
  inside the atoll

Normally the outer reef walls have a shallow top reef inbetween 10 and 15 feet and a more or less steep wall descending down to a depth of more than 300 feet. It is blessed with an abundant fauna! Morays, lionfish, triggerfish, groupers and snappers are part of the daily life. From time to time, some huge tunas are swimming by! These dive sites are perfectly suited to beginner divers as well as all the divers who love to move slowly and relaxed with a mild current.

But the island Rasdhoo is also surrounded by two channels: Kuramathi-Channel in the west and Rasdhoo-Channel in the east. The current there can be much stronger, and that's why we have a very good chance to see some pelagic fish, like grey reef sharks, eagle rays, napoleon wrasses, huge tunas, barracudas and during the north-east monsoon we even have a good chance to see manta rays! But no worries, you don't need to swim against the current for ages, because we know very well where to jump from the boat to reach the right place with minimum effort!

The dive sites in the channels are a must for every certified diver and you can expect up to 20 grey reef sharks at the same time, when there is a strong incoming current and a visibility of 100 feet and more! The sharks normally are very shy, so you don't need to be scared at all. Only if we move and breathe slowly, we have a realistic chance to come close to them, sometimes even close enough to touch them. Our best dive site is called "Madivaru-Corner" and we would be happy to go there even four times per day, because it is one of the best dive sites in Maldives. Especially if we can go there with a small group and luckily that's our key standard!